Albany NY Toddler Daycare Program

For Children 18 Months to 3 Years

toddler at daycare

As your little one learns to explore, our toddler daycare program in Albany, NY provide the mental and physical stimuli that will help them grow.

Our hands-on child care program promotes your child’s growing independence and social skills. Experienced teachers promote emotional, physical, and social development in safe, and engaging surroundings.

Childcare Program Highlights:

Holiday themed activities – creating footprint Christmas trees, paper dreidels, paper turkey hats, popsicle stick wreaths and more.

Sensory development activities – playing with playdoh, shaving creme, and water-resistant sand among other exercises.

Socialization activities –  interaction with peers throughout the day will help build your child’s social development skills.

Story time – quiet reading from a selection of engaging, age-appropriate books.

Arts and Crafts time  creative fun complete with painting, coloring, drawing and more.

Outdoor activities  including playground fun, walks, and scavenger hunts help children experience nature, learn about the environment, and simply enjoy the fresh air.

Our carefully planned activities work to fine-tune both fine motor and gross motor skills, as well as language development, allowing us to lay down the foundation of your child’s early childhood education.

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